Flyline – Lampada LED

Il kit Flyline crea una illuminazione lineare sospesa di grande effetto. Mediante l’utilizzo di una strip LED (non inclusa) può essere utilizzato come wall-washer, sia in modo diretto che [...]

Lampadina GU10 Dimmerabile

Compatibile con la maggior parte di dimmer a TRIAC Vita stimata 20000 h Corpo in plastica termica e dissipatore interno in alluminio – Temperatura ambiente da -20°C ÷ + 40° C Protezione surge [...]


Mirtilla is a rechargeable and dimmable by touch table lamp, with painted aluminum body. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use thanks to the IP54 protection degree. The light can be modulated [...]

Linea 42

Linea 42 is an unconventional floor lamp. Designed for indirect lighting, projected towards the corners of the walls. The result is a soft and relaxing atmosphere, thanks to the highly efficient [...]


Outdoor LED wall lamp light (up & down), emission from two sides both adjustable 0 ° -85 °.


Lamp outdoor LED wall light emission from two sides both fixed (up & down) 40 ° -80 °.


Outdoor LED marker, easy to install, directly on the wall without formwork.