Since 2010, year of its first establishment, QUALIKO Srl has been known on both domestic and international markets as a serious and innovative company, careful to market trends and, in some cases anticipating the demand of the international lighting markets, which are in constant and fast evolution. QUALIKO is an important part of the QLT Group, with whom it interacts on a daily basis, exchanging technical knowledge and accurate laboratory tests. All QUALIKO products are deeply checked by skilled technicians who perform severe tests strictly in accordance with standards guidelines, before their release to the market. All products are designed to be used with LED sources. The continuous search for new technical solutions led QUALIKO products to be more and more efficient and innovative, with top performances in terms of flux and energy saving. A clear example are the brand new FRAMELESS LED PANELS, which allow to create complete lighting walls with a uniform and not interrupted lighting, a solution that was not possible till now. Another plus from QUALIKO is the GYPSOLYTE series, both invisible fixtures and wall LED LAMPS,which can be easily painted with the same colour of the walls on which they are installed, integrating the architectural project itself, or even reinventing the light, by combining some products together (in specific positions) generating cosy light effects. For these reasons, many of our creations have often aroused curiosity during national or international exhibitions in which we exhibited.Our registered office and headquarter are in Rescaldina, near Milan. The Company is connected through a network of contacts with all international markets. The commercial department is composed of skilled professional people, able to sense and solve any Customer’s need.