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We’re more than lighting.

Thanks to QUALIKO’s wide range of products you will always find the best solutions to your needs.

The international markets acknowledge QUALIKO as a serious and innovative Company, always focused on actual trends and sometimes anticipating the future in the lighting field which is in continuous evolution

Featured products

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LED Frameless Panels

Qualiko brand new LED FRAMELESS panels can be joined together in order to have continuous lighting walls or ceilings with a perfect light uniformity, never seen before with products of this kind.


All products in the Gypsolyte range, both invisible dowlights and LED wall lamps, can be painted with water based paintings so that they get integrated in the surface where they are installed, becoming part of them when they are on and almost invisible when they are off. You can re-invent the light with our designs: by positioning them according to specific positions you will obtain cozy effects of light, light waves or light lines which will make your installation custom, magic and trendy

Exhibitions and events

Qualiko’s presence in the most important national and international exhibitions is continuously growing. Our continuous research for new technical solutions led our products to become always more and more performing and innovative, with increased light outputs and reduced power consumption. This is the reason why many of our products were highly appreciated in international exhibitions.